29 Poems by Jason Paul Fox
List of Memories
Isolation Thirst
Eternal Cycles
Sorrow is a Sort of Joy
Lethean Glade
The Flower
When We Were We
The Conciliation Trilogy
The Ought -n- Aught Thought
Civil War
A Smile of Bone
Chastity-s Brood
Dream Come True Shattered
Echoes of Ancestral Guilt
An Ecstatic Nightmare
Enclosed Please Find Silence
Nocturne I
Another Place
The Verge
Passion Without Flesh
The Ultimate Thrill
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Eternal Cycles - Love Sonnet Lethean Glade - Love Sonnet Convoluted Love Bond - Love Sonnet Woven - Love Sonnet Our Divine Trinity - Love Sonnet Save Me - Love Sonnet Momentary Child of Dew - Love Sonnet

This is the sole authorized website for Jason Paul Fox, poet, singer, artist, and musician from Rochester, NY, USA

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These poems represent much suffering, blood, sweat and tears. PLEASE be sure to credit Jason Paul Fox if you share one of these poems with friends.

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